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Synchronous change in subjective and physiological reactivity during flight as an indicator of treatment outcome for aviophobia: A longitudinal study with 3-year follow-up, Busscher, B.; Spinhoven, P.; de Geus, E. J. C. , Journal of Behaviour Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, Volume 67, (2020)

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Cognitive coping as a mechanism of change in cognitive-behavioral therapy for fear of flying: A longitudinal study with 3-year follow-up. , Busscher, B.; Spinhoven, P. , Journal of Clinical Psychology , Volume 73, p.1064-1075, (2017) Abstract

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Psychological Distress and Physiological Reactivity During In Vivo Exposure in People With Aviophobia, Busscher, B., Spinhoven, P. , de Geus, E. J. C. , Psychosomatic Medicine, Volume 77, p.762-774, (2015) Abstract

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Anxiety sensitivity moderates the relationship of changes in physiological arousal with flight anxiety during in vivo exposure therapy, Busscher, B., Spinhoven, P., Gerwen, L.J. van, Geus, E.J.C. de , Behaviour Research and Therapy, Volume 51, p.98-105, (2013) Abstract

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Physiological reactivity to phobic stimuli in people with fear of flying, Busscher,B.; van Gerwen,L.J.; Spinhoven,P.; de Geus,E.J.C. , Journal of Psychosomatic Research, Volume 69, p.309-317, (2010) Abstract

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