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The effectiveness of an e-health intervention with expert patient support in individuals with an eating disorder: A randomized controlled trial (jaar 2017: subsidiegever ZON-MW: projectnummer: 60-63600-98-302; subsidiebradrag: 410.000 Euro; Prof. Dr. E. van Furth (hoofdaanvrager), prof. Dr. Ph. Spinhoven (mede-aanvrager)).

Controlling Anxiety in Late Life (CALL) (jaar 2016: subsidiegever ZON-MW: projectnummer: 50-53120-98-004; subsidiebradrag: 399.932 Euro; prof. Dr. Ph. Spinhoven (hoofdaanvrager).

 Aandacht voor verwaarlozing en emotioneel misbruik (jaar 2011; subsidiegever ZON-MW; projectnummer 60-60100-98-236; subsidiebedrag 42.872 Euro; Prof. dr. B.M. Elzinga (penvoerder), prof. dr. Ph. Spinhoven (mede-aanvrager)

The clincial and cost-effectiveness of mindfulness based cognitive therapy, maintenance antidepressant
medication and its combination in the prevention of relapse in patients with recurrent depression (jaar 2008: subsidiegever ZON-MW; projectnummer  80-82310-98-09018; subsidiebedrag  402.000; Prof. dr. A.M. Speckens (penvoerder), prof. dr. Ph. Spinhoven (mede-aanvrager)

Cost effectiveness of a collaborative stepped care intervention for anxiety disorders in the primary care setting (jaar 2008: subsidiegever ZON-MW; projectnummer 170882701; subsidiebedrag 399.943 Euro; Prof. dr. C.M. van der Feltz-Cornelis (penvoerder), prof. dr. Ph. Spinhoven (mede-aanvrager)).

RCT of the effectiveness of the combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and schema therapy in anxiety disorders with a comorbid cluster C personality (jaar 2007: subsidiegever ZON-MW; projectnummer 100002038; prof. dr. Ph. Spinhoven (penvoerder)).

The (cost)effectiveness of mindfulness training and cognitive-behavioral treatment in adolescents and young adults with deliberate self-harm (jaar 2007: subsidiegever ZON-MW; projectnummer 50-50110-96-427; prof. dr. Ph. Spinhoven (penvoerder)).

Effecten van pro-actieve benadering van oudere ouderen met depressieve symptomen in de huisartsenpraktijk. (jaar 2006: subsidiegever ZON-MW; projectnummer 3946; dr. J. Gussekloo (penvoerder), prof. dr. Ph. Spinhoven (mede-aanvrager)

Accessibility of emotional memories (jaar 2004: subsidiegever NOW; MAGW, projectvoorstel 400-03-210; prof. dr. W. Everaerd (penvoerder), dr. B. Elzinga, prof. dr. P. Spinhoven (mede-aanvragers)

The Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety (NESDA consortium): the long term prognosis of anxiety and depression (jaar: 2003; subsidiegever: ZonMw; nummer 10.000.1002; NESDA-consortium (prof. dr. R. Van Dyck (penvoerder), prof. dr. P. Spinhoven lid bestuur NESDA-consortium)

Prevention of anxiety and depression in later life: A programme testing the feasibility and effectiveness of a generic stepped care programme for elderly at high risk of developing anxiety and depression (jaar 2003; subsidiegever: ZonMw; nummer 2620.0003; prof. dr. P. Cuijpers (penvoerder), prof. dr. A.T.F. Beekman, prof. dr. J. Ormel, prof. dr. P. Spinhoven (mede-aanvragers))

The efficacy of problem-solving interventions in deliberate self-harm patients: a randomised controlled trial among adolescents and young adults (jaar 2001; subsidiegever ZonMw; projectvoorstel 2100.0068; prof. dr. P. Spinhoven aanvrager)

Ontwikkeling preventiecursus 'omgaan met depressie door ouderen' (jaar 1999; subsidiegever: ZonMw; projectvoorstel 98-4-56; prof. dr. P. Spinhoven aanvrager)

Chronic daily headache (CDH) and abuse of headache drugs- A population-based study (jaar 1999; subsidiegever NWO Medische Wetenschappen; projectvoorstel 940-31-049; prof. dr. M. Ferrari (penvoerder), prof. dr. F. Zitman, prof. dr. P. Spinhoven (mede-aanvragers))