Prognostic factors for length of enforced forensic treatment with special focus on personality disorder

Publication Type:

Journal Article


International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, Volume 16, p.93-103 (2017)



Forensic; personality disorder; offenders; treatment length; digital database


The predictive value of personality disorder (PD) on treatment length of offenders detained in high
security psychiatric hospitals in the Netherlands was studied on 536 male patients (mean age 34.0
years, SD D 10.5, range: 18.0–68.8) with a 76.5% PD prevalence. Results showed that PD did not
independently predict length of enforced treatment. A subgroup of patients with only PD and no
comorbid major mental disorder had a shorter treatment length. This study has isolated separate
factors that can shorten or prolong treatment and can provide a focus for both policy and (clinical)
decision makers in the enforced treatment process.