Research Interests

My research focuses on how distant, recent and current stressors
interact with cognitive processes (e.g. attention, memory, thought,
reasoning), behavioural processes (e.g. approach and avoidance), and
biological processes (e.g. brain activation and the HPA-axis). My focus
is on anxiety disorders, mood disorders, somatoform disorders and
personality disorders. My aim is to understand the complex interplay
among cognitive, behavioural and biological processes across these four
stress-related disorders. These disorders show a high co-morbidity,
similarities in known causative and maintaining factors and in preferred
psychological and pharmacological treatments. In investigating
transdiagnostic risk factors such as childhood adversities and
maintaining mechanisms such as emotion regulation processes across
various psychopathologies from different perspectives, my research draws
on multiple methodologies (e.g. laboratory cognitive tasks, clinical
trials, survey methodology).